It’s not all about us, but in case you were wondering…. Here’s our Meet Our Team blog!

Meet Becky, our half marathon running Social Media & CSR Manager! Carry on scrolling to find out a bit more about Becky and guess her 2 truths and a lie…

We’ve started with some Digital Marketing Questions…


What does your day to day job consist of (in 3 words)?

 Client Calls, Reporting, Content planning!

Favourite social media platform and why? 

Twitter 🐦 An OG platform & all the best memes come from there 

Favourite marketing campaign from the last 12 months? 

Dating app Thursday’s download campaign


A few Not-So-Digital Marketing questions….

What was your first ever job?

 A “butterfly steward”

Fashion trends you regret? 

Jeggings 🗑️

Weirdest fact you know?

a flock of ravens is called an “unkindness” which actually makes a lot of sense

London recommendation 

Wingmans! If you love chicken wings 🍗

Two truths and a lie 

  • I’ve met BonJovi’s son 
  • I starred in Harry Potter as an extra back in the day
  • I used to have a huge gap between my two front teeth – so big I could fit a tic tac in between them


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