It’s not all about us, but in case you were wondering…. Here’s our Meet Our Team blog!

Meet Frankie, our awesome Content Creator! You’ll probably recognise her from her hilarious TikToks and reels!  Carry on scrolling to find out a bit more about Frankie and guess her 2 truths and a lie…

What does your day to day job consist of (in 3 words)?
Creating cool content

 Favourite social media platform and why?
Tiktok because it has a fun sense of humour and is more concerned with authenticity and less concerned about perfectionism.

 Favourite marketing campaign from the last 12 months?

The Prada Christmas ornament marketing strategy where they had influencers show off their new gifted baubles but ‘accidentally’ smash them on camera.

Fashion trend you regret?

Using neon face paint at parties, usually to paint whiskers on my face.

Weirdest fact you know?

Pixar originally named Buzz Lightyear “Lunar Larry” in Toy Story which definitely wouldn’t be as catchy.

London recommendation (restaurant/bar/activity)

Swingers Crazy Golf – not that kind of swingers 😉 Hotel Chocolat resturant Rabot London in Bourough Market – their Chocolate Martini is amazing! 
Two truths and a lie?
  • I told Graham Norton that I chopped my best friend’s finger off
  • I climed Ben Nevis in a a superwoman costume
  • I am a fully trained actor
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