Trying to find your audience or want to get found on Google? Paid ads are the quickest way to achieving that. Our Digital Works ads experts and partners are experts in the the world of Paid Advertising.

Captivate your audience

Research & Test

The research and testing phase are the most important factors when starting any ads campaign.


We will figure out what’s working and optimise all ads based the data


Advert optimisation is the key to Paid Ads success

What we can do for you

We can create a dynamic ads strategy that covers all areas of your business ensuring you’re reaching the right audiences with the right messaging in the most cost effective way.

Google Ads

Capitalising on search intent and YouTube can be a gold mine for your business.

Creatives and Messaging

We can design eye catching creatives that’ll stop your targets in their tracks

Other Channels

Diversify your acquisition streams and explore LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTik

Facebook & Instagram ads

Find the right audiences to place your brand in front of and wait for the magic to happen



“Experts in social, creative design and photography. Great team to work with.”

William Kennedy

Founder @ Sons

Paid Advertising

Discover your most effective products and services with the most engaged audiences using a data driven Paid Advertising strategy.