We are a creative digital marketing agency specialising in social media, content marketing and online brand development.


“Bringing brands to life online” is our company tag line for a reason. We immerse ourselves into your business to ensure that we create and share content online that showcases your business in a personal, trustworthy and memorable manner.

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From the very beginning, social media has been at the core of everything we do. From content marketing to brand development, you can bet we’ve done it.

We’ve had experience across multiple industries, including food and drink, lifestyle and finance. This means we know how to adapt our process to fit your business needs.

We work with you to ensure our prices meet your requirements as best as possible, and that we deliver results which give you the best return on your investment.

As your business needs grow, so does our commitment to you. Your investment in us means we’re with you throughout every stage of your business journey.

Our team members have worked with amazing clients (a few examples below), we also work as
white label partners for digital, advertising and PR agencies that
want to meet increasing demand.

5 tips to help you reduce your screen time

By Christina King in Mental Health

We know this is a little ironic coming from a digital agency, but at Digital Works, we understand the importance of prioritising our mental health. Whether we like it or not, there is a strong link between the amount of time we spend on our phones and the negative impacts on our mental health. Did […]

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5 pro social media tips

By Christina King in Social Media

Fancy yourself as a content king or queen? Check out some of DW HQ’s best tips – you’ll be sharing quality content in no time! Plan ahead Sit down with your team and put your plan on paper. Use an editorial calendar to schedule when and where you’ll publish your content and have a checklist […]

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The 8 Best Things to Come from Social Media

By Christina King in Social Media

We’ve all had the social media debate at one point or another, and while I do agree we should limit the time we spend scrolling through our news feeds, I really believe social media has done a lot for us, particularly over the past few years. While some are pretty small things that may only […]

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