Good News During COVID19 As Of 27th March

It’s Been Raining Good News Today.
What do they say? Bad news travels fast, good news takes the scenic route.
In light of COVID19 all we seem to be hearing is bad news.
Here at DW, we wanted to change that. This blog revolves around showing you some of the good things that are happening around the world today.
We hope they make you smile or laugh or at least relieve some of the stress you might be feeling.
1.  The voice actor from Spider Man offers personalised voice notes to kids who are struggling with anxiety at home. 
Oh come on, you can’t say this doesn’t warm your heart at least a little. Imagine a kid getting an awesome voice note from Jake Johnson telling you not to worry and that he’s there for you. Iconic. We’d love some Jake Johnson voice notes in DW anyway! 
2. Technology has become so advanced that someone walked their dog with a drone. 
Look how adorable that little dog is. It really makes you wonder where technology is going in the future. Although we think the real question is… Who cleaned up after the dog? That’ll keep you thinking for a while. 
3. McDonald’s and Starbucks aim to replace 250 billion cups with  sustainable alternatives. 
Now this really is some good news for everybody. It’s huge, influential companies like these that can really change the world for the better. All of us doing our part and them doing theirs is a recipe for success. At DW we are firm believers in our travel cups so this type of news always gets us going! 
4. Two naughty penguins get to explore Chicago Aquarium during lockdown. 
These lucky penguins got the absolute run of the place as they explored the whole aquarium. How adorable is that? At least the good thing about having to stay at home is that these guys get to get out and explore! We can nearly hear them saying ‘Smile and wave boys, smile and wave’.
5. There is now a Netflix party app that allows you to watch your favourite shows or movies with your friends.
This takes social distancing to a whole new level. Being able to chill out on the couch, glass of wine in hand and talk to your friends online as if they were right there with you watching a movie. Thank you, Netflix!  
And that Ladies and Gentlemen has been ‘Good News brought to you by DW’.

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