It’s not all about us, but in case you were wondering…. Here’s our Meet Our Team blog!

Meet Elle, Our Social Media Executive, who’s been at Digital Works for 3 months. Carry on scrolling to find out a bit more about our latest hire and guess her 2 truths and a lie…

We’ve started with some Digital Marketing Questions…

What does your day to day job consist of (in 3 words)?

Creating cool content 😎

Favourite social media platform and why?:

 Probably TikTok because I end up in a scroll hole for hours on end

Favourite marketing campaign from the last 12 months?

Anything from Spotify. I always love the Wrapped campaign and their Everywhere campaign last year was really cool

A few Not-So-Digital Marketing questions….

First ever job?

 A paper round

Fashion trend you regret?

Maybe my bob and massive side fringe combo 😬

Weirdest fact you know?

More scary than weird but I recently learnt that there are about 3 million spiders to every 1 human

London recommendation: 

I’m really new to London myself so I’ve not got much to go on but Okan in Brixton is 10/10

Two truths and a lie?

  • I used to be a farmer
  • I got to the live shows in Britains Got Talent
  • I have a license to drive a Tuk Tuk

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