Social Media Marketing Podcasts you need to be listening to

Podcasts are the ideal way to learn on the go. You can be doing your weekly shop or commuting to work and all the while be learning about the topics that interest you, like Social Media Marketing. 


At Digital Works, we may say we’re social media experts but there is always more to learn no matter how in-tune you are to a certain topic. That is why we’ve compiled a list of some of our all-time favourite Social Media Marketing Podcasts. Check them out:  


  1. Shine Online: 
This podcast should hit home with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Every week, there is a new social media or marketing expert on with Natasha Samuel to share their tips, tricks and advice to all you up-and-coming experts! 


  1. The Strategy Hour: 
It’s all about practicality and sound advice in this one. Listeners receive amazing tips on growing their business, taking it from ‘side-hustle’ to ‘getting paid to do what you love’. They tackle issues such as mistakes to avoid when launching a product and how to simplify workflows. They also deal with a topic that causes great confusion… Paid Ads. Be sure to check them out and trust us, you won’t be disappointed! 


  1. Femme Studios: 
This podcast is not only run by an amazing woman, but it includes conversations with brilliant women from all sectors of business each week. It gives the listener insight into what motivated these successful entrepreneurs to start their business, into the digital space and gives practical advice for those just starting out on their journey. 


  1. Social Minds: 
This podcast was the U.K’s first podcast dedicated solely to social media marketing. So this is definitely one to listen to! Social Minds holds back on the tricky and unnecessary business jargon and gets straight to intimate conversations about the impact of social media. Various business leaders and experts can be heard on this podcast and their advice is not to be overlooked. 

Social Media Marketing is an ever-expanding topic and we are all learning more about it each day. These podcasts are a great way to start broadening your knowledge and getting stuck into the online business world. Just remember, if you need a hand… We’re here to help!

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