Seamless API integration calls for a smooth sailing digital presence. Luckily, our team are experts in Linkedin strategies and B2B email campaigns.

About Codat

Codat provides businesses with seamless integrations with the financial software used by small business customers – all through a single API.

Email Marketing

Designing and building Email Marketing Communications for Codat is second nature to us. We have worked on a number of campaigns including Product Updates, Surveys, General Marketing, and more.


Empowering Women in business, we worked with Codat on an International Women’s Day campaign video and interviewed a handful of their team on what they love about working in Fintech.


With a B2B focus, LinkedIn is where it’s at for Codat. Working closely with the in-house marketing team to provide a well structured LinkedIn strategy and managing the face of the brand communication from webinars, funding announcements, and partnerships.


“The team at Digital Works are incredibly professional and have a warm and positive can-do attitude. No task is too big or too small. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Catherine Lawrence

Marketing Lead @ Codat

Other projects

Here’s a selection of other brands we have had the pleasure of working with.