Organic social growth is the growth of your social media channels without paid advertising. Many startups or smaller companies may not have the budget to be spending huge amounts of money on paid advertising. Even though, we’d always recommend a combination of organic and paid social media, there are lots of things you can do to boost organic reach of your content.

We’ve put together DW’s Social Tips for maximum organic reach;

  • Hashtags are super important –Hashtags help brands boost organic reach by enabling customers to search for and identify posts that are interesting or relevant to them.
  • Ask your Audience what content they want – use polls to ask!
  • Use Video Content e.g reels perform better. Videos have the highest average organic reach even above status updates, links, and photos.
  • Don’t Post and Ghost – reply to peoples comments/ engage with other accounts this is super important for an active account
  • Monitor Analytics to see which posts perform best and focus on these
  • Make sure your using the right platform for your target audience
  • Add Clear CTA’s to posts – links on stories, link in bio, use link tree on social to link to specific website pages
  • Find your best time to post using analytics of what times most of your followers are active – find these in IG and FB back end
  • Offer useful information on feeds, people will be more likely to engage/ follow
  • Always optimise post but using location tag this means your post will likely be found when people search that location

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