That’s right, Instagram is making some radical changes this year! Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, jumped on social media last week to share that Instagram is testing a new way for you to navigate the app. With a tri-feed, users can choose between Home, Favourites, and Following that is said to be launched within the first 31čhalf of 2022.

What do these three new feeds include? 

Home: This is said to be like the feed we use now. Suggested content is likely to be the main focus of this feed. 

Favourites: This feed will be solely content from a select number of accounts whose posts you just can’t miss. Whether that’s your besties, favourite creators or influencers, brands, or more, this feed has got you covered! 

Following: Finally what many people have been begging for, the chronological Instagram feed is back.

With exciting things across the board for Instagram, what does this new change say about the app? For starters, Instagram is clearly jumping on one of the major themes of 2021, personalisation. As Mosseri said in his reel, they want to give users more control over their experience in the app. As well as this, the Home feed allows Instagram to still push more and more suggested content while still having a Following feed for you to check in on those accounts you do follow. What do you think of this potential new change? Get in touch as we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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