Follow Your Heart: How Brand Collaborations Have Grown Our Audience

Brand collaborations on Instagram are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to grow your following and promote your brand online. Last Autumn, Follow Your Heart products launched in the UK, and we had the fantastic job of setting up their UK social channels and coming up with a strategy to grow their community online.

Follow Your Heart, is a well known US brand specialising in Vegenaise (Vegan Mayonnaise), the best vegan cheeses, and other delicious and innovative plant based alternatives.

We’ve learned that one of the most effective ways to increase our following is using brand collaborations. Brand collaborations see two or more brands team up to create a product offering that works across their combined audiences. With Follow Your Heart, we really wanted our collaborations to be authentic and genuine, making sure all the brands we work with share the same values and ethos.

Here’s some examples of brands we’ve collaborated with and the competitions we’ve run!

The Vegan Kind   Viva La Vegan.  Squeaky Bean   Holy Moly Dips   Leles Cafe    Merchant Gourmet   Vego

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