Why Your Aesthetics Clinic Needs Instagram

1. To Increase brand awareness

Nowadays, many Aesthetics clinics claim social media as a strong influence for making a sale. Instagram is a great way to educate customers on treatments, offers, latest clinic news and post content which is consistent with your brand personality.

2. One of the most used social media platforms in the Aesthetics Industry

Instagram has roughly 1 billion users worldwide! Obviously you won’t be able to reach all of these people, however, it’s a great place to find local potential customers that fit into your demographic who regularly pass your Aesthetics clinic.

3. Educate Your Community

Use social media in conjunction with your website to showcase your clinic’s treatments, results, team and interiors and other marketing to educate potential customers on your treatments and share images of your team and clinic.

4. Discover insights and learn about your community

Instagram is the perfect place to learn about your community and potential customers. You can ask them what they want to learn more about and tailor your social strategy accordingly

5. Great way to communicate with customers

Instagram can be used as a direct way to communicate with your customers and respond to any questions showing your valuable knowledge and brand’s personality! Remember to use a similar tone of voice that’s on your website so you are authentic and memorable.

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