With over 70% of people using Instagram to discover new products, it’s not the time to fall behind on the social media train. Starting off marketing your brand through social media can be as simple as creating fun, relatable content that catches your consumers eye. That’s why we have compiled a list of brands who are hitting all the right spots on Instagram for you to gather some inspiration. 


This haircare brand ticks all the boxes for us. It displays a mix of video content, eye-pleasing product shots, and real UGC to its potential customers. The best about this feed is you can tell exactly who it is targeting; sporty women who care for their hair. 


This Swedish art print company has a whopping 1.8 million followers and it’s no surprise why. Their feed is incredibly sleek and aesthetic, with every post blending perfectly with those around it. Consistency is key and this brand has it down to a tee. 


We all know this fashionable shoe brand which has been building themselves for years. However, their Instagram feed is also making moves with fun, energetic snaps of their shoes and UGC. The interesting thing about this feed is their move away from the traditional ‘skateboarder’ aesthetic to a more diverse client base and they absolutely nail this through their social media. 


This brand embodies everything it stands for through its Instagram feed. It’s bold, vibrant, and feminine in the best ways possible! To top it all off, they balance influencer content with UGC from your regular makeup users creating a diverse and inclusive brand look. 


  • Chipotle UK and US

Unlike normal food brands, Chipotle took a different route from traditional ‘food porn’ pictures and decided to share meme style content. This works great for them as the content is shareable, relatable and extremely tag-friendly, helping Chipotle get shared to well beyond its follower base.


This brand is a special favourite of the Digital Works Team, simply because they are absolutely smashing their Instagram feed. The feed is chock full of great looking product shots and UGC, with just the right amount of funny and shareable content to have them dominate social media platforms. We’re especially fond of their ‘Blue Campaign’, which got everyone arguing and discussing, and resulted in the brand blowing up online. 


We hope you love these Instagram feeds as much as us and got at least a little inspiration from them. If you’re still not sure which direction to go with, be sure to get in touch!


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