Good news is certainly hard to come by these days, but here at DW we are adamant about sharing all the amazing things people are doing to support each other during this pandemic. Today we are sharing 5 people/ companies who are going above and beyond to support everyone affected by COVID-19. 
  1. Breakfast isn’t going anywhere.
This amazing company are providing breakfast to school children who can no longer start their day with their free school breakfast. Heinz has vowed to provide 12 million breakfasts to school kids with the help of Magic Breakfast, a charity who provides malnourished children with healthy school breakfasts. Isn’t that incredible? Heinz and Magic Breakfast are encouraging many other brands to follow in their footsteps and try help out at this time. 
2. Everybody needs a little Headspace. 
Headspace has offered the UK’s 1.2 million health care providers free subscription to its meditation and mindfulness content. Headspace aims to reduce stress, stop burnouts and increase mental resilience. They believe that the NHS frontline staff deserve the help and support of everyone during this time. Headspace offers a great chance for NHS workers to the reduce stress and tension they may be feeling around COVID-19. 
3. P.E. class gets a whole new meaning. 
The day the schools closed Joe Wicks had the brilliant idea of streaming P.E. classes at home for kids to keep fit and healthy while social distancing. Little did Joe probably know that this would absolutely blow up and he’d have hundreds of thousands watching him and following his home P.E. lessons. You can find his live and older classes on his youtube channel, ‘The Body Coach’. His live classes take place Monday to Friday at 9am so don’t miss out. Joe pledges to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive and optimistic doing exercise for all levels. 
4. Feeding the nation. 
Amazing companies like Morrisons, Co-op and B&M are donating millions to help feed the nation during this pandemic. Morrisons are donating 10 millions pounds worth of produce to food banks across the nation. It will also be sending deliveries of non perishable foods, like canned goods or pasta, to local food banks. Co-op announced that it is donating £1.5 million of food to FairShare, one of the UK’s largest hunger battling charity. Lastly B&M made sure each of it’s 650 stores would donate £1,500 of essentials to their local food banks also. All three of these companies want to inspire more and more people to spare some goods and donate it to their local food bank. So get donating! 
5. Not all heroes wear capes… Some wear scrubs. 
Uber is giving away free trips and meals to health care providers all around the UK. NHS workers can sign up with their email to receive a share of Ubers 200,000 free Uber trips and of their 100,000 Uber Eats deliveries during this pandemic. Chief executer of Uber hopes this is a small way to help the doctors, nurses and support staff of the NHS and a way to show our appreciation for the tireless work they do. 
All these show the amazing way in which people come together (in spirit) to help each other in times of crisis. If you hear of any more amazing stories feel free to let us know on our Instagram and be sure to tag us in your stories if you’re making a trip to the food bank.

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