How To Advertise Your Aesthetics Clinic On Facebook

Are you ready to start Facebook Advertising for your Aesthetic Clinic, but not sure where to begin? In this blog we guide you on the top 4 factors you need to consider for your Facebook ads.


  1. Choose your budget

Whether you’ve got a minimal or large budget dedicated to marketing your aesthetics clinic, paid social advertising will definitely benefit your clinic. We’d recommend if you have a budget of less than £200 per/month stick to boosting posts. If your budget is slightly larger but under £400, we’d suggest testing Facebook and Instagram ads in Facebook Ads manager. If your budget is over £500, this will be a large enough budget to use for Facebook and Google Ads. To start, create a Business Manager Account here


  1. Set An Objective

Within Facebook Ads manager you are able to select different marketing objectives for your ad. They range from brand awareness to website traffic, so you need to ensure you select the one which is most applicable. When boosting posts you’ll have less options with your objective. For example, video views, messages or engagement. 


  1. Select Your Format Of Ad

The format of an ad is how you’d like your ad to look and this depends on what treatments your aesthetic clinic wants to promote. If you want to promote one particular treatment you’d pick either a single image or single video ad! If there’s more than one treatment you’d like to focus on, there’s options to create an ad with two or more scrollable images or videos! 


  1. Decide the Audience Targeting 

Within the Facebook Business Manager you are able to select and create different Facebook audiences to target. There are three primary audience types; saved audiences, custom audiences, lookalike audiences. You can target people based on location, age, gender, their interests and behaviour online. For Your Aesthetics Clinic, we’d recommend starting with people local to your clinic, then defining your target age and their interests. E.g beauty, skincare, skin might be good options to select. Facebook will also give you an estimate of your audience size, so depending on how large this is you may need to define further. 


For more information about Facebook Advertising for your Aesthetics Clinic, get in touch with us today! 

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