Tips for Working From Home During COVID-19

As we all know the spread of COVID-19 has pushed many companies to implement a work-from-home policy. This now challenges employees to not only be just as productive as in they would in work but without their usual resources. From bored kids to an overflowing house to no space, the challenges just keep flowing in. We hope we can relieve some of your stress and keep you as sane and productive as possible. 
  1. Set up a designated work space: 
Set aside a place in your house (Preferably not at the kitchen table or in bed!) that is yours for work. Be firm with family friends, or kids that this is your work space and that you are not available while at this space. This will keep you on task and not distracted while ‘at work’.
We’ve had quite the few run ins where family members have interrupted calls… Not very professional yelling “Go away Mom,” in front of all your colleagues.
2. Keep a routine:
Resist the urge to have a cheeky lie-in and only get up 5 minutes before your 10am call so you can brush your teeth and throw on a t-shirt. Realistically you won’t be on your A-game. Instead start your morning as you usually would by getting up early, showering, having breakfast, putting on makeup etc. Not only will you feel ready to face the day but will feel less like you’re stuck at home in your pjs all day. 
Our usual DW routine is; wake up, shower, eat breakfast, then tea, work, tea, work until the day is over with one more tea break in between. 
3. Stay active: 
This is so essential. Taking away the commute to a job can have you sitting on your backside for the whole day without even realising it. We recommend if you usually have a 20 minute morning commute that instead you go for a 20 minute walk before you lay into a days work. If not, try out a home workout. There are plenty of videos for all kinds of workouts online, they’re quick and super effective. Thank us later!
We love our jogs to the kettle to make (more) tea and the sprint to your laptop to take a call.  
4. Stay connected: 
It’s really easy to isolate yourself whilst working at home. Make sure you stay in contact with your co-workers as you usually would in an office. Update them regularly and vice versa even if it’s sending memes back and forth. Any communication is good for the head. 
Work wouldn’t be the same without a bit of DW banter to keep us going. 
 5. Stay positive:
Not everything is going to go to plan and realistically there will be distractions. Whether it’s hearing your roommates watching your favourite show in the living room or your kids just wanting to hang out with you, stay positive and try not to get too frustrated. We know it’s hard but things will pass and hopefully these tips will help keep you productive and motivated until you can stroll right back into the office!
We can’t wait until we’re back together in the office but until then it’s work and the lols from home. Woohoo!

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